Moving To Amsterdam From America – How Can You Make The Dream Happen?

Move to Amsterdam from America – is it really possible? Yes it is! You may have come back from Amsterdam and dreamed of living there for a few days and then gotten back to the grind of daily life, convinced that moving to Amsterdam will remain nothing but a dream. In this article, I will tell you how to make it happen.

Make A Pact

The first thing you need to do with yourself is to make a pact. Tell yourself that, come hell or high water, you are definitely going to move to Amsterdam, no matter what, in a year’s time (or something similar).

I did this myself and it helped me to stay on track. Before I knew it, that year was already up and I was on my way!

The Major Hurdle – Getting The Right To Live (And Work) There

There are a few ways for people to live in Amsterdam or anywhere in The Netherlands.

By far the easiest is to check and see if you have ancestry rights to live in any EU country. For example, if you have a grandparent born in the United Kingdom then you can get a visa to live and work there and eventually qualify for a passport. For other countries, you may even be able to get a passport straight away. As soon as you have the EU passport, you can then live and work in any country in the European Union, Netherlands included. Even without ancestry rights, there are various ways to get a visa to live in an EU country and you can then later qualify to get a passport.

A shortcut method will set you back around 5,000 Euros. Basically, there is a law that allows you to invest this money and then get the right to live and work there. It’s a little more complicated than that and requires you to jump through a few hoops but, in essence, you need 5,000 Euros to show (nobody takes it away from you) and then so long as you comply with a few other additional details then you will get the right to live and work in Amsterdam for as long as you want to.

Want to move to Holland with the least pain possible? Then don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Let me tell you the exact, easy steps to move to Holland here: Move To Holland.

One thought on “Moving To Amsterdam From America – How Can You Make The Dream Happen?

  1. I want to thank you for the information that you posted. My wife is very very sick and we alkways wanted to goto Amsterdam. Well as fate would have she will never be able to get there,so she made me promise her that i would go there and vacation and ideally live in Amsterdamn now that are kids are all grown have babies of their own. Besides who doesn’t want to visit you in Amsterdam
    :) ). If you have anumore insights or information about vacationing to see where i would like to live and then how to go about it I woulkd greatly ,greatly appreciate and help you could possiblely offer with insights and/ information on how to go about this.

    Frank Lella

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