Jobs For Americans In Amsterdam

Jobs for Americans in Amsterdam – what is on offer? What can you realistically get? Here are some ideas.


This is a big area in which employment is relatively easy to obtain. But what is “Horeca” anyway?

Horeca refers to jobs working in bars, coffeeshops, cafes, restaurants and the like. Most of these establishments are located in centrum wherever tourists can be found. The two major centres are the Red Light District and Leidseplein though there are “micro-centres” dotted around throughout Amsterdam too.

The best part about these jobs is that the barriers to entry are low (no qualifications needed although experience is always a plus) and you don’t need to know Dutch.

That’s right, for Horeca jobs you definitely need English. Any major tourist languages are a plus, probably more so than even Dutch.

International Companies In Amsterdam

Your other option is to apply to international companies located in Amsterdam. These companies usually have a very international workforce too.

You can either apply to these companies direct from wherever you are currently living or move to Amsterdam first and then apply to them. The advantage of the former method is that you can qualify for favourable Dutch tax laws and get a significant boost to your income (the so-called 30% tax ruling).

Here is a big list of some of the international companies with offices in Amsterdam. Check their websites first: International Companies based in Amsterdam (link opens in a new window).

How To Move To Amsterdam

Do you know the steps required to get to Amsterdam? Did you know that almost anyone of any nationality can move there if they want to? I did it and you can too. Discover the exact steps I took to move to Amsterdam: Move To Holland.

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  1. I was hoping you could assist me with how to look for jobs in Amsterdam? I have s desire to live there? Where do I begin looking? Is it possible to look for job opportunities by going directly to the International companies? Is there s limited time a US Citizan can live abroad? Thank you, Carey

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