How To Move To Amsterdam From The US – The 2 Ways For Americans To Get To Amsterdam

How to move to Amsterdam from the US? Is it realistically possible or is it just a pipe dream that only a privileged few are able to have success with? In this article, I will tell explain how it is actually easy for Americans to move to Amsterdam. Let’s take a closer look.

The Problem

The problem with moving to Amsterdam or any part of The Netherlands is that you first need the right to live and possibly work there too (if you need to earn money to live off). Americans, unfortunately, do not have this automatic right but it can be easily gained if you know how.

European Union Passport

If you obtain an EU passport then, like any other citizen of the EU, you will have the right to live and work in The Netherlands and this includes Amsterdam.

Different countries have different requirements. For example, Belgium is considered to have some of the easiest requirements. This is why Manchester United Football Club have a relationship with a Belgian football club to help get overseas players their EU passports so that the best of them can eventually move to England and play for them.

Also popular is a British passport. It is considered a “strong” passport to hold. It is also fairly easy to obtain British citizenship too. You need only live there for a few years (working or as a student) and then you can obtain your passport and therefore can live in Amsterdam for as long as you want to.

A Cool Shortcut Only For Americans

Americans are very, very lucky in the sense that they are unique positioned to have available to them a second way of moving to Amsterdam from the US. The best part about this method is that it is much quicker than obtaining an EU passport and you need not wait half a decade.

For an investment of $5,000 (this money is not taken away from you – you merely have to show that you have the funds available) you can take advantage of a law that allows Americans to live and work in Amsterdam permanently.

No waiting several years and no loss of your investment. And in return you get to live the dream, the dream of living in Amsterdam.

I achieved my dream and moved to the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Discover the easy steps that anyone can use to move to Amsterdam and start living the dream here: Move To Holland.

2 thoughts on “How To Move To Amsterdam From The US – The 2 Ways For Americans To Get To Amsterdam

  1. i was wondering how much a studio apt is per month cost. in amsterdam . i drive tractor trailer truck here in us. is there any jobs there

  2. I want to move there i will start saving my money but i want to do it with an 5,000 dollor investment so i can live thier leagally. can u send me something that will help me move there.

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