How To Move To Amsterdam From The UK

How to move to Amsterdam from the UK? It is actually much easier than you think and I know that because I did it myself. Perhaps you think that it is almost impossible or at least difficult? Well, I did it and there is no reason why you can’t do it either. Find out exactly how in this article.

Money, Money, Money

For many people, their main obstacle is going to making money. However, there is no need for this to be the case as there are many ways to make money here.

Some people want to stay in their current type of job. If you work in an office doing highly specialised work then you are going to be limited to looking at big job websites such as Monster and trying to find something that you would be interested in. You can also find out which companies are based in Amsterdam and then go direct to their website or even phone them. I have gotten interviews this way in the past.

It is better to be much more flexible in what you are looking for. If you speak English (as you no doubt do if you’re reading this!) then there are a wealth of jobs available for you that revolve around the tourist industry such as working in a bar, coffeeshop, museum, hotel or similar. Any other languages is always a bonus. You might never have done such work before but you should be prepared to if you want to fulfil your dream of moving to Amsterdam from the UK – remember, you only live once.

The Logistics

The work equation is often the biggest stumbling block for many people. Or at least, it looked big until they realised that it was not so big after all. After that, you need to work out the best way to make the transition in the easiest way possible.

The good news is that all UK citizens are also EU citizens and can therefore freely live and work anywhere in the European Union. This includes Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands.

You are best off starting in Amsterdam. Although elsewhere in The Netherlands is cheaper, Amsterdam is easiest to move to because nearly everyone speaks English and there are already loads of foreigners there so they are used to new settlers to the country arriving there.

When you arrive, you will need to find accommodation fast because everything hinges on this. Ideally you should arrange it before you get there but this is not essential as I and many others have found out ourselves.

Don’t give up on your dream to move to Amsterdam. Discover how I successfully and easily moved from the UK to Amsterdam here: Move To Holland.

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