How To Get A Job In Amsterdam

How to get a job in Amsterdam? It seems like there aren’t many jobs out there – is it really possible to find one in Amsterdam? In this article, I will share with you some tips to help you find that job in Amsterdam and make the move over there to live the dream.

Think Outside Of The Box

This phrase is as cliched as any that you will ever hear in a job interview but actually has some merit when trying to find work in Amsterdam or anywhere else in The Netherlands.

Do not pursue the traditional routes in your search for a job over there. If you do, then you will yield very few results and will be waiting decades to make your move. Let’s now look at a variety of methods that you can try.

Internet Job Sites

Sites like Monster allow you to search by country. Most of the jobs that you find via this method will be professional office jobs with large companies, many of which are based in Amsterdam. Typically, you won’t need to know any languages other than English.

These jobs are great but they are few and far between. If you want to get a job in Amsterdam sooner, then you need to look in other places too.


If you are determined to do professional, white-collar work then you should also call employment agencies in your home country who have branches in Amsterdam. This means picking up the phone and calling them.

Getting There Without A Job

If you are determined to make it to Amsterdam then you need to seriously consider doing whatever it takes. In this case, I’m talking about doing a job in the tourist or hospitality industry such as working in a bar, coffeeshop, hotel, museum, snack bar or similar places.

You might think that such a job is particularly glamorous but it will bring in money to pay the bills and allow you to quickly make friends with people who are in a similar boat to you. It can take twice as long to make friends in a professional organisation in Amsterdam compared to a smaller business.

Print out a ton of CVs/resumes and go walk around (better still, get a bike) and introduce yourself to the hiring managers of these establishments and sell yourself well.

Want to pursue your dream of living in Amsterdam? I did it and I’m loving enjoying the dream. Discover the easy steps I took to move to Amsterdam here: Move To Holland.

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